You can update all the images of finite-element plots in a document in just one click.

Extract images from NASTRAN, ABAQUS, OPTISTRUCT and ANSYS results files to Microsoft® Word™, Excel™ and PowerPoint™, keeping exactly the information when taken, such as camera position, load cases, displayed results and elements, etc.

This is fantastic! It allows you to extract images while keeping the information generated for each image, including the file used to capture them. This makes it easy to manage and track the creation of images without losing the work done to obtain them.

With NaxToDoc you can update images in case of finite element results files change, replicating for different elements or loading situations, increments, and duplicate image extraction to document other complete models efficiently.

Update FEM model images of a document one by one or all in batches.

Never again waste time taking a screenshot if something changes!


Ministry of Science and Innovation through CDTI is funding NaxTo Doc Project.