At Idaero we believe that engineers must be able to concentrate in valuable engineering tasks.

We help the organizations to manage technical processes and information by mean of easy to use powerful tools customized to your needs, even in unstructured information environment.

  • Integrated with existing software and tools.
  • Web or desktop applications. Deployment in network, AWS or Azure.

Some examples:

  • Managing system of Non-Conformances of products under manufacturing. Connected to SAP transparently to user, but much easier to use. Web interface for control and resolution of all non-conformances. Multiple data ingestion: SAP,. Pdf, .txt, Excel, DDBB, etc.
  • Automation tools for reporting of projects including Web dashboards.
  • Use of most efficient languages, databases and development kits, i.e: .NET C#, C++, C, Fortran, Python, Java, JSON, JavaScript, FOP-XML, HLSL, GLSL, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, HDF5, Teradata, Vaadin, etc.

Specifically in the field of CAE FEA simulation:

  • Tools to guide throughput structural analysis engineering process, integrating customer’s methods.
  • Automation tools for reporting results and postprocessing of analysis in batch to MS Word, PDF or Excel.
  • Programming of methods of static, fatigue, etc according to international standards.
  • Empowering your methods connecting with our 3D postprocessor or NaxTo suite.