NaxToPy is the NaxTo object-oriented library designed for Python, which allows reading and manipulating FEM analysis results files from the most common tools, storing them in a simple Python structure. It could be easily combined with other Python packages such as Matplotlib or Pandas.

NaxToPy supports NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS and OPTISTRUCT result file formats such as *.op2, *.xdb, *.odb, *.rst, *.h3d, *.h5 and NASTRAN Input files *.bdf, *.fem. The syntaxis of the code don't change: The functions are the same for all solvers.

This provides access to the full coding power of Python to interpret and process the results, without the need to install any additional software other than having NaxTo already installed.

NaxToPy is a powerful tool for FEM analysis post-processing!


Extracts all the information from output files (mesh and results)

Access the full contents of the results file by means of simple Python codes.

Very powerful internal tools

Very easy to call additional advanced functions such as Free Body Forces and Moments in sections, Envelopes, Load Cases and many more.

Develop your own tools

You can develop any kind of useful tools as i.e., doing a linear buckling analysis in plate elements.