How does NaxTo Cell work?

NaxTo Cell lets you access NASTRAN, ABAQUS and ANSYS files just as you would access other common Excel funcionts, requesting everything from a result file. As easy as =SUM():).

You can also pick elements in NaxTo View and take selected results to Excel as formulas.


Automate Tasks

Have you received new Load Cases? Not a problem!

With NaxTo Cell just select a new results file and all your Excel sheets will automatically update in seconds.

Automate for example your welding or bolted joints or any parts' analysis with your methods and standards.

Easy to use!

Within a few hours of use you will master NaxTo Cell and start saving hundreds!

Just capture results from Excel with simple formulas as N2C.results (file, loadcases, result type, etc...).

We train you to master postprocessing automation with NaxTo Cell. Check our support area videos

Save up to 80% postprocessing time.

Plot-back from excel

Use Excel for applying your methods and plot back your new calculated results to your 3D FEA model with NaxTo View.

Advanced functions included such as envelopes or freebodies.

The contract of one of the developers is subject to funding from EMPLEA 2016, from the National Programme for Talent Promotion and Employability. Included in National Plan for Scientific Investigation. Technological and Innovation 2013-2016 from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.