Digital Transformation or Digitization concepts create value for user, to have fast and direct access to the right information at any time.

Data from multiple sources, structured or unstructured and with different formats feed the systems that analyze and classify for later use through web or desktop interfaces or automated reporting tools.

We can help with this full concept or integrating at any step of the processes with our customers’ tools. Let the useful digitized information be accessible at a glance, instead of moving data from here to there, changing files formats, or performing repetitive tasks that can also be subject to human error.

Some examples we are working with our customers in:

  • Images’ recognition and natural language processing in multiple formats application to classify information for later use.
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning applied to manufacturing processes. For example, to prevent defects by analyzing the conditions that led to defects, isolating the relevant ones like tools, step of the process, parameters, etc, and provide and execute recommendations about changes to be made.
  • Automation of reporting for projects making accessible via web interface dashboards, taking as inputs projects files, excel, pdfs, emails, etc.