Merry Christmas - IDAERO


First Paper Airplanes Contest

Yesterday took place the 1st Paper Airplanes Contest of Idaero Solutions.

After the return of the holidays and to start the new "course" with the batteries charged, yesterday we celebrated the 1st paper airplanes competition in the history of the company 😊!                                                                              

Each colleague submitted their plane to the competition. And it must be said that it was quite close, and the planes were up to this first great competition.

The categories were:

1º - The "grand prize", the most complete airplane.

2º - Longest distance

2º - Longest flight time

2º - Aerobatic flight

After the awards ceremony and to recover the energy spent, we celebrated eating Paella together.                                           

As this 1st Paper Airplane Competition has been a success.... there will be a 2nd edition next year! 😊