Simple and customizable NASTRAN format solver


I-NASTRAN project is born with the aim of taking old NASA NASTRAN solver code and adapt it to modern Windows® platforms to be executable, and add customized elements not present in original solution. Also, HDF5 format will be implemented.

There will be offered a Community free to use executable simple solver. It can be a solution for small engineering firms or academic use. Please feel free to try!

In addition, it will be available an enhanced version to add new elements for simulating biomechanics, 3D printing, etc upon demand. Please contact us if you are interested.

Project Status

Code is fully compiled with Intel FORTRAN language, 64 bits compatible to run in Windows machines under debugging environment.
Some new elements were added successfully to update to commonly used elements as RB2, RB3 not present in NASA solution, and others to test customizability of the code as CSAND, sandwich structure element.

Issues have been found due to different architecture from early 60’s to today’s computers, mainly due to memory management.
At displacement level, solutions works and its accuracy is similar to commercial versions of Today’s most accurate commercial grade solvers, such as Altair OptiStruct.

Stresses show still differences and we are working on it!

In brief, today I-NASTRAN works to solve displacements with some common elements, but with limitations of 65k Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

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ESA (European Space Agency) and Madrid Region are funding I-NASTRAN project through ESA BIC Madrid Region