December 11, 2019

Nax2doc Intelligent imaging using genome and predictive algorithms

We are happy to announce Nax2Doc project official Kick off, after acceptation of Ministry of Science and Innovation through CDTI!

You know how much time an engineer spends in image generation for documenting, reporting or exchange of information.

And what happen if images need to be generated due to any change in the design? The previous work is almost lost.

Nax2doc is saving thousands of hours in the tedious task of image generation, and can be used stand alone or invoked from MS Word integrating powerful features to deliver images directly to your MS Word reports.

The new Technology of nax2doc is the capture and use of the “genome” of each image generated, composed of all the information that lead to a unique image: position of the camera, parts shown, load cases, specific conditions, file, etc. By controlling the genome, it is possible to improve procedures with big time savings: images can be updated automatically, or make variations using genome as template, generating images from different files, automate generation in batch, etc.

Nax2doc is integrated in MS Word, so very short learning curve for users, and has a convenient 3D window to check the images that are being manipulated, without the need for opening other software. nax2doc also offers a functionality that allows inserting post-processed 3D CAE FEA into Adobe pdf reports, providing a rich feature to documents, that now only have 2D static images.

Nax2Doc will be compatible to Altair HyperView, ANSYS, DS ABAQUS and MSC NASTRAN. All brands are property of their respective owners.

Nax2doc will be ready commercially by the end of 2021. Interested in knowing more before? Contact us!

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Nax2doc es un proyecto subvencionado por el CDTI.

Nax2doc receives funds from Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through CDTI.